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What Is Biological Dentistry?

Have you considered the fact that dental problems may be linked with other seemingly unrelated health problems? For a long time, traditional dentistry focused strictly on dental problems, without considering other ailments in the body and how they might be related to dental health. But as doctors are learning more about whole-body systems they are starting to understand that a biological approach might be more beneficial for long-term health and wellness. Biological dentistry is becoming more common, although a large portion of the population is not familiar with the differences between a traditional dentist and a biological dentist.

What is Biological Dentistry?

The term “biological” refers to the process of looking at and treating the complete body system instead of focusing on the individual symptoms alone. When it comes to health and wellness, it can be easy to focus on one symptom and forget that the symptom is likely related to a deeper problem. Treating the symptom alone won’t solve the problem because it is a superficial treatment that doesn’t address the root problem.

Biological dentistry considers the overall health of the patient and how their health is related to their dental health. It is a more comprehensive form of dentistry, which has combined modern dental diagnostics and treatments with integrative medicine and natural approaches. When a biological dentist works with their patients, they are examining more than just the teeth. A biological dentist understands that other factors may impact dental health, such as nutrition, bite problems, and other biological imbalances that may cause system wide health challenges. A biological dentist focuses on overall health and wellness, in addition to the standard approach of simply treating diseases in the teeth and gums.

Why Visit a Biological Dentist Instead of a Traditional Dentist?

Many people are broadening their horizons and looking beyond conventional Western medicine to find an integrative biological approach because they want to treat their health symptoms in a more natural way that supports overall health. The modern medical approach to most health problems is to prescribe a medication or use harsh treatments to get rid of the symptoms. But often those treatment methods can result in poor results and negative side-effects, which can be avoided if a biological approach is used.

When visiting with a biological dentist, you will see that the dentist uses both natural healing methods as well as modern science in order to find a good combination of treatments for your individual needs. Instead of only focusing the teeth, a biological dentist considers the body, mind and emotional health of the patient. The treatment process is designed to improve overall health, and dental health will improve as a result of improving the whole body.

One of the biggest advantages to using biological dentistry instead of traditional dentistry is the fact that a biological dentist will avoid modern dental treatments that have been associated with other health problems. There are common dental treatments that may seem like a good solution for the individual tooth, but those treatments can be damaging to the overall health and wellness of the person that receives the treatment.

Some of the differences between a biological dentist and a traditional dentist may include:

  • A biological dentist avoids toxic filling substances such as mercury amalgam, because mercury amalgam contains almost 50% mercury which is toxic to the body systems. Instead, other safer substances can be used which are free of mercury and other toxins.
  • A biological dentist encourages gum disease treatment that does not involve invasive surgery.
  • A biological dentist will use certain  methods to treat teeth with root canals, because it has been suggested that root canals may cause systematic health problems. When root canals are performed, it is possible that trapped bacteria may spread to other parts of the body and cause whole-system problems.
  • A biological dental office will typically use digital x-rays, because they have 90% less radiation exposure compared to traditional x-rays.  And they are far safer for the environment because there is no chemicals used at the office.
  • A biological dental office will follow strict protocols to mitigate mercury exposure through  contamination or aerosols  when an amalgam filling is being removed.

Benefits of Biological Dentistry

Even though there are some  critics of biological dental practices, the results speak for themselves. There are many people who have experienced great health successes as a result of the work of a biological dentist. For example, some people have experienced a seemingly mysterious illness for many years, and doctors were unable to find a cause or solution. After exhausting all modern medical resources they visited a biological dentist, and learned that previous dental treatments or occult pathology (disease) may be the cause of the chronic illness. Once the biological dentist takes the proper steps to identify and remedy the problem, such as removing amalgam fillings, balancing the bite or fixing a tooth with a root canal, then the illness can quickly disappears.

When you visit a biological dentist, they understand that the teeth are an important part of the whole body system, and dental health is closely related to overall health. They will help you to avoid the dental treatments that may be causing other symptoms in your body. When those traditional dental treatments are remedied, then the toxic impact is relieved and the body can function more effectively.

Treatment vs. Prevention

Many people are turning to biological dentistry to sanitize the mouth and undo old dental treatments that they received. A biological dentist can help by safely removing amalgam fillings and replacing them with safer, more natural looking  fillings that are mercury-free. Or, if you have a root canal treated tooth, then a biological dentist can advise you on the best treatment to reverse the effects that the root canal may be causing. Remember that the symptoms of these dental treatments may not always be readily noticed, because it is possible for traditional dental treatments to cause negative health symptoms in other parts of the body that seem to be unrelated to dental health.

Another reason that you may consider visiting a biological dentist is because the dentist can help you minimize or avoid harmful dental treatments. Prevention is the best approach, and they will help you to improve your overall health so that you can avoid major dental problems that might require invasive treatments. Through enhanced nutrition, whole body wellness, and other methods, a biological dentist can help you to create healthier lifestyle choices which will have a positive impact on your dental health as well as many other aspects of your general health.


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