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Below you will find Dr. Nicholas Meyer of Millennium Dental Associates discussing several difference facets of the dental practice as well as holistic dentistry.

Parallel Between Conventional and Holistic Dentistry

Mercury Filling Removal Process

How Holistic Dentistry Can Help With Chronic Diseases

Millennium Dental Associates: Using a Holistic Approach to Dentistry

Use of Less Toxic Anesthetics in Holistic Dentistry


New 3D Imaging Technology Allows For More Precise Dentistry

What is Ozone Therapy

Mercury Filling Removal Process in Holistic Dentistry

The Process of Changing Your Mercury Fillings

How many mercury (amalgam) fillings can I have removed at once?

How long should you wait in between mercury (amalgam) filling removals?

Will insurance cover my mercury filling removal?

Preparations to have a mercury (amalgam) filling removed

How long does it take to remove a mercury (amalgam) filling?

Mecury Free Fillings, Holistic Dentistry


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Learn how to take control of your health by making the connection between your teeth and your overall well-being by exploring Dr. Meyer's highly acclaimed book, The Holistic Dental Matrix™.