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As a biological-biological dental practice, all of our restorations are cosmetic by their nature. However, there are situations that require purely cosmetic enhancements. For example, a person presents with a mouthful of dentistry that has been done over the years by different dentists, at different times and by different laboratories. Their teeth reflect that by having a highly varied and at times an unsightly appearance. In a case like this, by coordinating their condition and modern dentistry a very beautiful and more youthful appearance can readily be attained. For the most part these procedures are essentially painless and relatively expedient. Many smiles can be totally made over in a matter of weeks.

The need and circumstance you present with determines the restorative treatment needed to achieve the desired result. There are instances too, that require the services of a periodontist for more optimal gingival (gum) positioning.

Lumineers™ are the revolutionary way to permanently alter your smile without the fear of shots or the removal of sensitive tooth structure. Ask us how. We have a portfolio of smiles specially created by our dental practitioners for our discerning clients.

Another example of a cosmetic need is simple tooth malpositions or malformations. Here, porcelain veneer laminates are an ideal treatment for those who don’t want to treat with orthodontics or in conjunction with orthodontics. In this example a two-week time interval passes and our young man went from splotchy to dazzling!  This is a REJUVENATION.

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 Before & After:
RESURRECTION of an 88 year old retired nurse. As you can see from these images, a beautiful result can be achieved with Cosmetic procedures. These situations, although completely different, resulted in extremely satisfied patients.


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