My first visit at Millennium was to visit Dr. Meyer regarding mild sleep apnea. He had suggested a custom fit mouthpiece. It worked beautifully. No more problems regarding that situation. I remarked to him how self-conscious I was about my smile. I had teeth that were misaligned. I confided in him how upsetting it was but I didn’t want to wear braces.
Dr. Meyer changes my life, he redesigned my smile and bite with veneers and they so beautiful. People tell me every day what a perfect smile I have. I never wanted to smile before… My appreciation is beyond words. He has restored my mouth and I will be forever grateful to him and his expert knowledge of dentistry. Thanks.

Helen S.

I am writing to thank and commend you for the quality dental care you have provided for me. Although my dental work has taken a year to complete, the final result has surpassed my expectations and is more than worth the time and expense.
By the time I was in my late 40’s I had a mouth full of amalgam fillings (mercury), crowns made from a variety of metals as well as several root canals. By my mid 50’s my teeth had begun wearing away, breaking and crumbling. After a few more years, I bean to experience a general decline in health. The toxicity and structural deterioration in my teeth and jaws ultimately proved to be a significant contributing cause in health I was experiencing.
While I encountered numerous dentists who marketed their practices as “mercury free,” it was difficult to find dentists who offered durable and completely metal free solutions to my sever dental issues and it was almost impossible to find dentists with a practical clinical understanding of the complex relationships between the teeth and organs of the body. Most dentists I encountered practices “one tooth at a time” dentistry and seemed to have no sense whatsoever that the different parts of the body significantly influence one another and the body functions as in integral whole.
Unfortunately, my desire to conserve money led me to well recommended dentists in Mexico. While they were able to work at restoring my mouth without metal, as it turned out they were also practicing “one tooth at a time” dentistry. Within a few years, a bridge broke, a crown came off and I started having to go back every year to have overlay restorations repaired or replaced. You also found active decay under several of their old crowns. Finally looking for new solutions to my dental issues, in 2008 I consulted with several new dentists and was told that there was nothing more that could be done to save my teeth. It was recommended that I have all my remaining teeth pulled and get dentures.
I first visited your office in February of 2009. I was doubly shocked at the extent of the work you proposed and the anticipated cost. But what you proposed was comprehensive and made good sense. You came up with a plan to save my remaining teeth and you incorporated into your practice an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the critical effect that dental issues can have on general health. We started working together in February 2010.
In February 2011, the work was complete. I now have a full set of teeth that are completely comfortable and fully functional. I can easily eat anything I want. The adjustments that you made to my jaw and bite have allowed me to feel more relaxed and comfortable in my body. You did an excellent job with both implants and crowns and my new teeth look far better than my original teeth ever did. You have a gentle and considerate touch and I was always comfortable while you were working on me. It always felt like all of the support staff in your office were allies and friends. But, perhaps, best of all you have a depth of experience and expertise that allowed you to plan a course of action that solved the severe dental problems that several other dentists had given up on. Thank you, Dr. Meyer!

Leon Weiner - Encinitas, CA

This is a testimonial to Dr. Meyer’s expertise in the industry. Several years ago, a front tooth which had a crown for many years broke and could not be saved. Due to the fact that the tooth was so visible I decided to go ahead with an implant. This was performed by a very expert specialist that had been in the business for many years. I had no problems with the implant but had strange symptoms that had never occurred before: bladder infections and aches and pains, irritable bowel symptoms, aches and pains along the left abdominal side from the ribs to the hips, fatigue and generally not feeling well. After being shown a better method of cleaning around the implant, symptoms improved but my body never completely resolved. I visited several specialists who all stated they could find nothing wrong so, as this occurred after the implant, I felt that it must be the implant disrupting my energy system. A fact stated by specialists in the holistic medicine field.
I decided to return to the implant specialist with regard to having the implant removed. He would not even consider telling me that I was better off leaving the implant where it was and that I would have too much bone loss if it was removed.
Later I discussed these issues with Dr. Meyer and finally decided to have the implant removed. I had found the procedure of placing the implant rather traumatic with a week of antibiotics and pain medications and was not looking forward to the removal, but with Dr. Meyer’s expertise and holistic approach it was easy and a trauma free experience with no swelling, minimal discomfort and no medications. As the implant was being removed, I felt the whole left side of the abdomen and hip become relaxed. This convinced me that the implant was the root of my symptoms. The issue of bone loss was resolved by a bone graft performed after the removal.
It has taken a while for my body to fully recover after two years of energy disruption, but most symptoms have now been resolved. For anyone who finds themselves in this situation, I would recommend not hesitating to discuss this with Dr. Meyer with regard to removing the implant in a non-stressful environment and procedure.
It should be noted that the implant in question was the regular metal type and not the metal-free zirconia that Dr. Meyer uses.

Valerie Gallagher

I love this office and Dr. Meyer! Everyone is very friendly, caring and kind. They always explain everything in great detail, and let you ask questions and make the right decision for you. Dr. Meyer is a pioneer in his field and absolutely outstanding! I can’t imagine going anywhere else.


Dear Dr. Meyer and the fantastic staff of MDA,


Thank you for the incredible care and concern you extended to me. Thank you for possessing tremendous knowledge and thank you for creatively using that knowledge in my case.


When I met you late in 2000, I was in a downward health spiral that seemed unstoppable. This, of course, was quite frightening. I discovered that my teeth and gums might be compromising my immune system, balance, circulation, energy, etc. All my life, I had sought and received what I perceived excellent dental care for our entire family. Sadly, I believe that that care was well above what is accepted by the general public. Approximately twenty years ago at age forty-five, I was informed that I had periodontal disease and the proposed treatments began. I was on a program of deep cleaning and scaling every three months with various operations to scrape and remove jaw bone in between those treatments as well as removing a tooth here and a tooth there and the accompanying crowns, caps, bridges and a root canal thrown in. Equally horrifying was my taking the prescribed medications (i.e. painkillers, antibiotics etc.) for extended periods of time being assured that another year or so on this or that would clear the problem.


One of the first questions Dr. Meyer asked was had any dentist or periodontist examined my bite. The answer was no, Certainly not to any extent Dr. Meyer routinely expected. He carefully explained that each change (i.e. removal of bone and/or teeth, additions of caps crowns and bridges) caused declines in my bite putting my teeth and gums under continuous assault simply from chewing!


After the necessary tests were made, Dr. Meyer decided on and thoroughly discussed with me a course of action. Every treatment, as every test, was performed with a perfection and precision that I still find hard to believe. As the recipient of truly superior work, I am sincere saying visits to Millennium were (and still are) a joy rather than the previous twenty years of nightmare! Much of my health returned immediately upon the removal of mercury fillings and other heavy metals (and an infected though recent root canal tooth). The correction of my bite is surly the center of my balance being better than

ever and circulation returning to normal. Needless to say, their work made life a delight again.


In my now very informed and experienced opinion, Millennium Dental Associates is as close as it gets to as good as it gets plus real genius about there. Another plus that might seem unimportant in the whole of the care needed and received but, certainly adding to ones sense of well being, is I have never waited nor been rushed in the office or on the telephone.


With great affection, thank you again.

Mary Wadsworth

I would like to take a moment of your time, to thank you and your assistant for the great work that you did on my dental implant and bridge.


I have to admit I was very apprehensive at first.  However because of the kindness and great care that you and your assistant showed me I was very relaxed thru out most all of the surgery. I had very little discomfort during and after the surgery.


My implant and bridge still feel very good. I feel this is a fantastic way to replace your permanent teeth.  I hope I never loose any more teeth, but if I do I would not hesitate to have this done again.


I also would like to share with you that my periodontist feels that the tissue around the implant and bridge looks very good and healthy.


Thanks again for a job well done.


Yours truly and your very satisfied patient,

Dale Neiswender, Prescott Valley

In 2006 my doctor recommended that I have my amalgam fillings removed. He stated there was evidence of health problems and he believed it was due to my fillings. A blood test confirmed this. At the time, I had suffered from severe allergies and my hair was thinning. I took allergy medications daily for 10 years.
In July of 2007, I finally had my filings removed and replaced with composite fillings. My doctor recommended that I see Dr. Meyer to do the work I needed in order to help restore my health.
One year later, my allergies have decreased 90%. I no longer take allergy medication. I occasionally use a homeopathic remedy for any mild allergy symptoms. Also, my hair is thick and healthy and finally growing long. All other health symptoms related to my amalgam fillings have been corrected and my immune system has returned to normal.
After my experience with Dr. Meyer and his staff, I switched dentists and see Dr. Meyer for all my dental care. The staff is professional and they seem to enjoy their work. I have and will continue to refer people to Dr. Meyer and his staff.
Thank you, Dr. Meyer, for all that you have done for me.

Ellen Sohus

My health was just fine, stable and adequate. Then I went in to the (low-cost) dental school for a check up and found that several of my amalgam fillings (put in 30 years ago) had cracked and needed replacing. As I sat through the repairs, I could feel the debris going down my throat. I wondered at the time if that was bad for me, then forgot about it.


Some months later, I noticed a serious decline in my health: my joints were aching, my legs hurt, and every time I stood up to walk, I was hunched over like I was 75 (I am 49.) This all happened within 6 months.


Fortunately, my dear friend is a microscopologist. As we looked at my blood, we could see heavy metals throughout; my auto-immune system had long since given up on  cleaning out the metals and instead was attacking my joints and muscles. I also found myself forgetting things. I thought, “Oh Lord, please don’t let me lose my mind…”


My friend said gravely, “You are on the ground floor of MS. We will get rid of the metals and get your auto-immune system back where it needs to be. I don’t want you to panic but this is serious and we need to act on it.


I began to chelate out the metals with Young Living Essential oils and I saw improvement. But when I finished the chelation, the metals came back. Baffled at first, we realized it must be the remaining amalgams, which had before been more or less benign, but who’s balanced changed when the other amalgams were replaced.


I found Dr. Meyer on the web, and went in immediately to have my remaining fillings removed – properly. Now, I am chelating out the remaining metal, and I am using Young Living products to repair the damage done.


(I immediately checked all my kids’ mouths to ensure they had no amalgams. They did not! Hurray! But the next step was to get my husband’s amalgams replaced.)


I am so grateful to have my life back. MS was going to lead to a wheelchair. My joints were heading towards osteoporosis. I was looking at what kind of life I would live with decreased mobility, energy, zest and my productive years over. (And if I had headed down the traditional medical route, it takes an average of three years just for a diagnosis. And then what? The medical community does not even know what to for MS.) Now, though, not yet healed, I am on the way, and I am full of hope. I thank God for such a  restoration.

Susan Cottrell

Dr. Meyer accurately identified my dental dilemma quickly and developed a plan that painstakingly corrected years of misdiagnoses by previous doctors and dentists. I can attest to his skill and patience; the type of dentistry he practices is a science that requires the patience of a Zen Master! My dental and overall health has improved greatly and I have a beautiful smile as a result of his expertise.

Deborah Rice-Payne

After having a root canal procedure performed, I felt there was something “off” with the tooth. I had constant pain / pressure on that side of my mouth and it would radiate into my neck. I had the tooth reexamined and was told everything was fine. Still not satisfied, I wen tot see an Endontist who said they could retreat it. Not wanting to put more of a burden on my health, I declined and found Dr. Meyer. He was compassionate to my concerns. After reaching a decision to have the tooth removed, Dr. Meyer made the whole process very stress free and for the most part pain free. I feel so blessed to have found such a kind, caring and well-informed dentist. I highly recommend Dr. Meyer and plan to continue seeing him for all my dental needs.
My energy level is back up and I feel 100% better and am so amazed with the healing process that occurred.
Thank you so very much!

Andrea Khalife

So much more of a complete experience than I expected. I felt that Dr. Meyer was sincerely concerned for my welfare and applied his years of acquired expertise fully. I felt truly cared for and attended to – Kind of a Hollywood version of a visit to the Dentist. It was my initial visit and I came away understanding clearly the state of my mouth and the next steps to be taken. Dr. Meyer offered a detailed explanation and plenty of time for my questions. I felt safe and respected.

Julia Ward

I’ve had several tries at various anti-snoring, dental sleep appliances over the years with little success. However, in all the cases, I had to revert to the CPAP machine for my mild sleep apnea condition.
Quite by accident, I discovered Dr. Meyer, as my wife needed a specialist for amalgam removal. He told me things and had a higher degree of expertise that I had never heard before. I was somewhat concerned that his appliance and cost of it might not cure my problem. I went ahead as I wanted to stop using the CPAP permanently. The fitting, the molds taken and time spent on this were all worth it. I no longer need my CPAP machine, so I would advise those affected to definitely try Dr. Meyer’s solution.

Fred R.

It is wonderful to have Rhonda back. She’s the trapeze artist of office management. Makes the nearly impossible look easy. Nicole always does a great job on my teeth, and takes care of me. I learn something that benefits my health every time I see her.

Ruth Fowler

Now that I have completed all my dental work, I wanted to thank you for the outstanding care that you provided. Although the work was extensive, I had an extraordinary outcome and am very thankful for everything you did along the way.
Your staff is amazing! I have never been in such a friendly dental office. Rhonda was so helpful during my first phone call to your office. She patiently answered all of my questions and provided me with excellent information on what to expect during my consultation. This was especially important to me as I was experiencing significant health issues at the time. Jen was incredibly knowledgeable and a genuinely kind person. Thanks to your wisdom and experience, I am no longer suffering the ill effects of my previous dental problems. I am back at work full time and feeling great. You literally gave me my life back!
Again, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you and your staff have done for me. Both of my children have scheduled consults with you later this month. I will continue to recommend you to others and would be happy to serve as reference if the need ever arises.


Barbara Du Paul, FNP

I am writing a letter of appreciation for the fine work you have done on my implants. The professional work from the beginning is much to be admired.  Everything was done in stages an completely checked out before we proceeded to the next step.


Your staff both here and in Scottsdale were professional and courteous. I felt their concern and kindness. It is nice to be able to chew food again properly and not have the usual shifting as with a lower denture. The implants are easy to clean and care for.


I must say that I had very little discomfort through the whole surgery and healed very rapidly. Above all Dr. Meyer, I hope you maintain your concern and compassion for others as you have me.


Best regards,

Lois Wheeler, Sedona

I have been meaning for some time to write to you an tell you how pleased I am with having had you and your Team to help me through the process of having a zirconium implant to replace the root canal I had extracted in the fall of 2010. Both you and your Team were wonderful to work with, very professional, yet also very compassionate and kind. The dedication to the work you and your Team provide was obvious in every person with whom I came in contact in your office. I can’t remember laughing very much going to the dentist, but I always found myself laughing at your dry sense of humor when I would visit your office.
As you know, the root canal had started to “necrotize,” i.e., rot, and the rot was poisoning the entire right side of my body. When I came to you in February of 2011, I had waited several months after the root canal was extracted at the advice of another dentist, before seeking to have an implant. But with the help of the powerful computer modeling programs you have, you were able to determine that it would be possible, tricky, but possible for me to have he implant. You got it done immediately, because the window for doing so was very short by the time I came to you. Just as you promised, after the procedure was complete in August 2011, the bone had regrown. I no longer have the dip in the gum of my upper jaw that I had when I first came to you.
The process of the implant and capping was not difficult or uncomfortable. I was very pleasantly surprised by how little discomfort or swelling I experienced during the process. The homeopathic remedies you recommended to keep swelling and discomfort to a minimum were very effective for those purposes. During the entire process I only took only l2 Ibuprofen, one time, to help me sleep. The implant looks very nice, and is working very well for me, I almost cannot tell that it is not a natural tooth.
I was also very pleased with the process you used for the removal of the amalgam fillings from my teeth, and the work you did to replace the mercury amalgam with non-mercury fillings. I have recommended you to people I know in the Phoenix area, and will continue to do so.
Thank you so very much for the wonderful dental work you did for me, and for having such a caring and competent Team to assist you.
Very truly yours,

Annette L. Gerhardt

To Dr. Meyer and his very professional staff:
The Doctor started my dental work in Sept. of 2008. This was a major project and I had the finest doctor and staff each time I came in for treatment. Sometimes I had appointments twice a week. All the dental work was finished in January of 2009. My new dental work turned out just like Dr. Meyer designed it and it’s beautiful. It was a joy to come in for treatments. All appointments were always on time. Again, thank you Dr. Meyer, Rhonda, JoAnn, Genifer and Sue Ellen.

Joseph Jay Schneider

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