Susan Cottrell

Susan Cottrell

My health was just fine, stable and adequate. Then I went in to the (low-cost) dental school for a check up and found that several of my amalgam fillings (put in 30 years ago) had cracked and needed replacing. As I sat through the repairs, I could feel the debris going down my throat. I wondered at the time if that was bad for me, then forgot about it.


Some months later, I noticed a serious decline in my health: my joints were aching, my legs hurt, and every time I stood up to walk, I was hunched over like I was 75 (I am 49.) This all happened within 6 months.


Fortunately, my dear friend is a microscopologist. As we looked at my blood, we could see heavy metals throughout; my auto-immune system had long since given up on  cleaning out the metals and instead was attacking my joints and muscles. I also found myself forgetting things. I thought, “Oh Lord, please don’t let me lose my mind…”


My friend said gravely, “You are on the ground floor of MS. We will get rid of the metals and get your auto-immune system back where it needs to be. I don’t want you to panic but this is serious and we need to act on it.


I began to chelate out the metals with Young Living Essential oils and I saw improvement. But when I finished the chelation, the metals came back. Baffled at first, we realized it must be the remaining amalgams, which had before been more or less benign, but who’s balanced changed when the other amalgams were replaced.


I found Dr. Meyer on the web, and went in immediately to have my remaining fillings removed – properly. Now, I am chelating out the remaining metal, and I am using Young Living products to repair the damage done.


(I immediately checked all my kids’ mouths to ensure they had no amalgams. They did not! Hurray! But the next step was to get my husband’s amalgams replaced.)


I am so grateful to have my life back. MS was going to lead to a wheelchair. My joints were heading towards osteoporosis. I was looking at what kind of life I would live with decreased mobility, energy, zest and my productive years over. (And if I had headed down the traditional medical route, it takes an average of three years just for a diagnosis. And then what? The medical community does not even know what to for MS.) Now, though, not yet healed, I am on the way, and I am full of hope. I thank God for such a  restoration.

Susan Cottrell