Mary Wadsworth

Mary Wadsworth

Dear Dr. Meyer and the fantastic staff of MDA,


Thank you for the incredible care and concern you extended to me. Thank you for possessing tremendous knowledge and thank you for creatively using that knowledge in my case.


When I met you late in 2000, I was in a downward health spiral that seemed unstoppable. This, of course, was quite frightening. I discovered that my teeth and gums might be compromising my immune system, balance, circulation, energy, etc. All my life, I had sought and received what I perceived excellent dental care for our entire family. Sadly, I believe that that care was well above what is accepted by the general public. Approximately twenty years ago at age forty-five, I was informed that I had periodontal disease and the proposed treatments began. I was on a program of deep cleaning and scaling every three months with various operations to scrape and remove jaw bone in between those treatments as well as removing a tooth here and a tooth there and the accompanying crowns, caps, bridges and a root canal thrown in. Equally horrifying was my taking the prescribed medications (i.e. painkillers, antibiotics etc.) for extended periods of time being assured that another year or so on this or that would clear the problem.


One of the first questions Dr. Meyer asked was had any dentist or periodontist examined my bite. The answer was no, Certainly not to any extent Dr. Meyer routinely expected. He carefully explained that each change (i.e. removal of bone and/or teeth, additions of caps crowns and bridges) caused declines in my bite putting my teeth and gums under continuous assault simply from chewing!


After the necessary tests were made, Dr. Meyer decided on and thoroughly discussed with me a course of action. Every treatment, as every test, was performed with a perfection and precision that I still find hard to believe. As the recipient of truly superior work, I am sincere saying visits to Millennium were (and still are) a joy rather than the previous twenty years of nightmare! Much of my health returned immediately upon the removal of mercury fillings and other heavy metals (and an infected though recent root canal tooth). The correction of my bite is surly the center of my balance being better than

ever and circulation returning to normal. Needless to say, their work made life a delight again.


In my now very informed and experienced opinion, Millennium Dental Associates is as close as it gets to as good as it gets plus real genius about there. Another plus that might seem unimportant in the whole of the care needed and received but, certainly adding to ones sense of well being, is I have never waited nor been rushed in the office or on the telephone.


With great affection, thank you again.

Mary Wadsworth