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The Patient Experience

From your first contact with the practice you will be well cared for and informed.


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You will then be interviewed by the doctor who will also review your health history. A complete set of dental radiographs will be taken using the latest in ultra fast digital technology for the lowest possible exposure. Sorry, we must take dental images, it’s the LAW. Next you will have an examination. This will be an oral cancer screening examination, TMD or Malocclusion Screening examination, Gum Disease examination and of course your teeth. You will also have a small camera used to capture photographically, the condition of the teeth and any other object of interest.

For those with simple straight forward needs your treatment plan will likely be developed and reviewed with you immediately.Treatment can then be scheduled.  

For the greater majority with more involved or special needs, a separate “Review of Findings” is scheduled, at no additional fee. This allows our practitioners time to assess the data, ponder the issues you have and then develop an appropriately sequenced treatment plan. During this review, a conversation will ensue regarding what has been discovered, present the consequences of no treatment and what the intended outcome of the treatment is expected to be. 

There will likely be recommendations for more specific tests pertinent to your condition or to schedule appointments for treatment once you have accepted the plan and have taken care of the economics of that plan.

For those of you with longer or more challenging procedures, we bring in the services of medical anesthesiologists.


When it comes time for treatment, we are offering MillCalm, a unique blend of technologies that can rapidly induce a state of deep relaxation.  People say that if they hadn’t experienced it they would never have believed it.  It takes virtually all of stress out of their visit.  This is especially nice for longer amalgam removal processes or surgical procedures.

MillCalm is a blend of nutriceuticals, brain synchronizing music noise reducing headphones, cranial stimulation and room darkening eye wear.  The induction time is only 5 minutes.  Studies suggest that a 45 minute session with MillCalm is the equivalent to a 2 hour deep sleep. People say that this is well worth doing.  But don’t take my word for it. Try it out. If you don’t like it you get your money back.

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