Learn Why Our Patients Love Us

The Office

The physical space of the practice is quite unique. Most notable is the soothing feeling you get upon entering the main door of the office. The beautiful look has a spa feel to create a relaxing environment.


  • Wheelchair Accessibility

  • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

  • Up-to Date Sterilization

  • A Modern, On-Site Laboratory

  • Mill Calm relaxation system 

  • An Eco-Friendly Office Environment

Digital Imaging X-Ray Technology (minimal radiation)

Our state of the art digital imaging system emits only the smallest amount of radiation while providing immediate images for diagnostic purposes. With our full head and upper airway imaging system using the Sirona-Galileos system, virtually all aspects of your oral and facial structures can be visualized for immediate interpretation.

Each patient and dental case varies with dentistry procedure. Some dental procedures may require additional scheduling depending upon the complexity. This will be determined upon you initial examination and consult. Porcelain and ceramic are popular materials, however there are a variety of bio-compatible materials that may be a better fit for your unique situation

x ray

Stringent Mercury Amalgam Removal

Not just Mercury Free but Mercury Safe

During the amalgam mercury removal process 4 additional pieces of equipment are used for your and our safety as well as other safety precautions.

  1. Extra-oral HEPA vacuum is used to scavenge particles and vapors that are released from the mouth.
  2. Special, hi-power negative ion generator (Tact-Air) is turned on at the head of the chair. This creates a breeze of negative (-) ions that washes over the face of the patient on their way to a distant collecting plate.
  3. Mercury Vapor Masks are used by the doctor and assistant during the extraction process for their health safety.
  4. Rubber Dam. This is a tooth shielding system. Whereby a containment shield (rubber dam) is placed over the teeth to isolate the teeth from the mouth. It can be placed over as few as one and as many as 8 or more teeth. Doctor then treats the teeth as they protrude through the small opening, while cutting out the filling(s) keeping extraneous exposure to a minimum. Prior to placement we provide you with an EDTA rinse to coat your oral tissues to help scavenge extraneous particles of mercury when they enter the mouth. The dam is slathered with an ointment that helps to capture the scattered particles that stay on the outside of the dam when the filling is cut out from the tooth. Once the removal of the mercury amalgam is complete, the dam is removed and you are rinsed out. Following this step, you are given again the EDTA solution to rinse with for more complete mercury scavenging.

We also use oxygen as a supplemental positive pressure air source to further protect you.

We aid you in respect to your immune cycle by avoidance in crossing the midline whenever possible and scheduling you for intravenous Vitamin C therapy with an appropriate practitioner. We offer nutritional support and supplements through Dr. Huggins-Gruvy office.

We ask that those visiting us not wear fragrances as we have many people sensitive to them.
To help keep distractions tempered, we ask that you turn off cell phones upon entering.
We are fully wheelchair accessible.

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