Meridian Tooth Chart

This Tooth Meridian Chart shows how the mouth and body are interconnected. What affects your teeth has a direct influence on other organs.  It is a two way street and thus, you think of an organ dysfunction if a tooth is having trouble.

Chinese medicine, acupuncture, meridians (energy channels-pathways), and chi (energy) have been used for thousands of years; it is widely taught and used all over the world.

Here’s an example in our everyday practice. Someone with a history of breast cancer struggles with treatment. Later on a holistic dentist checks an upper left bicuspid (premolar) and finds out that the tooth has a root canal. The tooth is dead; however, because it is on the same meridian as the breast on the same side, the tooth is blocking energy on the energy channel. Evidently, the tooth was taken out and the patient’s breast cancer went into remission.

Take a moment to review the meridian tooth chart below.

Just click on a tooth below to see which teeth and organs are on the same meridian.

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