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From DR. Nicholas J. Meyer

dr meyerDear Past patients/friends and future patients and friends of Millennium Dental Associates,

After 42 years in the practice of dentistry, it is time to put down my hand piece and enjoy some time outside of the practice home (Millennium Dental Associates) I have nurtured and grown for 31 years.

The doctors I have brought in to step into my shoes and carry on my legacy of Holistic Biological Dentistry are dedicated to your highest health and well-being. Over the past year, I have mentored them in the workings of our practice, the patients/clients of the practice, and the advanced procedures that are offered in the practice. These advanced treatments and procedures are the heart of the practice.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Anthony Kohler has been in practice for 30 years and would be considered ‘Seasoned’. He has totally immersed himself in the practice and is an astute clinician.  You can feel confident in him to take care of your needs.

Dr. Lily Rizberg has about 20 years in the field of dentistry and comes to us from the East coast, where she and her husband owned and operated several practices. She is a graduate of the prestigious Capitol University, formerly based in Washington D.C. Her advanced degree was in Integrative Medicine. She loves working with patients and is looking forward to taking care of your needs.


So, it is with a glad heart that I can leave the practice knowing that your needs will be well met, and your satisfaction is of the utmost concern. I have already had a chance to visit both Egypt and the Pyramids as well as The Holy Land in Israel, walking in the steps of Jesus. What a way to start my life transition with some of the earliest civilizations and figuring out their paths. With that, I thank you again and again. You have provided a wonderful life for my family and I.  It is my hope that I have enriched your lives.


Dr. Nicholas J Meyer


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