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If you suffer from sleep apnea, TMJ disorder or abnormal spacing of the teeth, you may have thought about treatments like night guards and dental snore appliances. Unfortunately, these appliances often produce inadequate or lackluster results. Such treatments often have a singular focus on symptoms, neglecting to address the root causes.

There’s a new treatment available that can correct or cure your condition. This treatment uses a VIVOS Daytime-Nighttime Appliance (DNA). The DNA devices are uniquely tailored to treat your structural problems and best of all, does not need to be worn forever.

There’s a whole family of these devices, designed to address the unique needs of different patients. Simply put, this device helps to balance the bite and open the airways, and its positive effects can actually optimize the health of your entire body.

It can be discouraging to struggle with chronic issues like TMJ disorder and sleep apnea. For older adults, they may feel as if the structural problem is beyond repair since they’ve already gone through their developmental years. The fact that these VIVOS DNA devices overcome this issue is precisely what makes them so remarkable! Rather than merely lessening or eliminating symptoms, they nudge your jaws and teeth to naturally develop into a healthier shape. This is because these devices are part of a new and emerging field known as craniofacial epigenetics.

Rather than forcefully stopping a symptom or advising an unnecessarily invasive surgery, this field of study works to develop treatments that can gently nurture the body toward healthy gene expression. In other words, the body has undergone some type of stress throughout the patient’s lifetime that has hindered gene expression. The VIVOS DNA device frees the body to activate parts of the genetic code for optimal health, stimulating new bone growth in the jaw and cranium in adults of any age. This results in improved cranial balance and a larger upper airway that allows for deeper sleep, better breathing and the alleviation of TMJ disorder.

This removable application is worn for 10-12 hours per day after dinner and during sleep. Every one or two weeks, the patient uses a key to slowly expand the device, placing a gentle, outward pressure on the jawbones to stimulate growth and realignment. Depending on the patient’s specific needs, this treatment usually only lasts between 9 – 18 months.

While the VIVOS DNA devices treat conditions such as sleep apnea and TMJ disorder, they also cause  permanent changes that optimizes your breathing, posture and other bodily functions, allowing you to thrive and live life to the fullest. Call us today to learn more and find out how VIVOS DNA devices could change your life!


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