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Complete or Full Dentures

These are for the complete replacement of ones own teeth either in the upper or lower jaw. Our dentures use the finest made denture teeth for the most natural appearance possible. The hardest part of implementing complete denture for the new recipient is the transition period, from final tooth removal to solid healed gums and denture mastery.

Our techniques have been perfected over the years and we are very proud of our complete denture service. They are:

  1. Accurate impressions of the tissues in the mouth.
  2. Use of the Esthetic Control Base (ECB) for tooth ascertaining proper lip support and tooth positioning. This is performed with you in the office to keep tight control of the cosmetics.
  3. Precision jaw registration. Capturing the position in space where you will “bite”.
  4. The Wax Try-in. Here you can then evaluate the size shape, color, arrangement of the teeth and the bite. If this passes, next is the delivery.
  5. The delivery appointment is a highlight of my day. Our efforts are rewarded with a beautiful result. We take a good deal of time in this appointment to see to it that your prosthesis is fitting the gums well and then the teeth are filling well. You are turned loose then to begin your next phase of getting used to the new feel.
  6. The Post Insertion visits are very important. Here we have the opportunity to help with any issues come up. Mostly a rub spot or two. As you gain confidence in the wearing of your prosthesis you will be pressing ever harder on the gum tissue. Gum tissues aren’t really designed for this task. As they become more used to having the pressure, sore spots may surface in response to the uneven pressures that result from what we term “settling”. It is fully anticipated that you will need one or two of these visits. Much will depend on your prior history with he use of and the efficiency of the prosthesis.

You will be proud of your completed prosthesis and you can have confidence in your most demanding social circumstances. Only you and your dentist will know for sure. As with all manner of prosthetics, mastery of use is up to the recipient.

Our dentures are the pinnacle of denture cosmetics and function. The teeth are handcrafted of the finest porcelain. The rear teeth have a fabulous functioning “cutter bar” design. This will be like a good knife on a cutting board rather then two cutting boards trying to mash a piece of food well enough to get enough saliva into the food allowing you to swallow it. By relying on exacting standards of tooth design and materials your new appearance will be one of confidence and beauty, no matter what your age. 

Partial Dentures

I’m putting this here too because we offer cosmetic hidden attachments. These retaining devices are a great benefit to you. Not only don’t you see the attachment but also the attachment itself has great biomechanical advantages to the teeth they are attached to. By having the nature of a “universal joint”, this attachment has the ability to move about in a multitude of simultaneous directions without placing undue stress to the tooth. Its only major downside is the added fee to use this. It is relatively easily serviced in the office.

partial dentures az

What would you rather see? An unsightly clasp arm or a very nice blended appearing prosthesis that is very hard to spot? This particular attachment allows for great retention and a good deal of freedom to move when under function. Other types are used on a case by case basis

Additional types of special cosmetic partial dentures are the Dental D, Acetyl resin based partial, or the Valplast partial made of an injection molded plastic. Both are more of a conventional design but can be made either tooth colored (Dental D) or gum tissue colored (Dental D and Valplast).

valpast partial denture

Above is a Valplast Partial denture. It is made of a special thermoplastic material that is very strong yet quite flexible. It is very kind to the teeth and lightweight too.


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