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Dental Hygiene

What you should know about Dental Hygiene

We do not schedule a new patient visit with the dental hygienist for a “cleaning” prior to seeing the doctor.  It is a fairly common practice but backwards. The doctor needs to see the oral condition of the client prior to the evidence being removed by the hygienist. A wealth of information is lost when the hygienist “cleans” the teeth first. Another reason is that we do not know what type of cleaning the individual needs.

Our hygienist is very personable and an expert in her field. She loves to learn and brings to you a wealth of knowledge about biological health. She is versed on and uses a soft tissue laser as well as ozonated water to combat the infection… Periodontal Disease.

[See Laser Gum Treatment for diagrams of the disease process and treatments.]

To support her efforts we offer the following:

HOMEOPATHIC PRODUCTS:  We carry and use only the finest in homeopathic products and will recommend the most natural products that promote oral health. These items are detailed below.

Bio-active silver hydrosol-infused distilled water during all cleanings.

Nutritional Support
It is known that certain vitamins, micronutrients and herbs promote oral health. Specifically, they promote bone growth and soft tissue health. We use and also recommend a multitude of products that might be  nutriceuticals, homeopathics and pharmaceuticals. This will ensure your teeth stay in an optimally functional state, for as long as you live.

We have a nice selection of health promoting dentifices. We recommend specific types of toothpastes based on your individual needs. We carry essential oil products, homeopathic and herbal tooth care products.

Electric Toothbrushes
We prescribe a particular  “power brush” instrument for your individual need. We carry the Rotadent TM . These are fabulous aids for your dental needs. The Rotadent TM is only available for purchase through dental practices.  It is ideally suited for general use but also those in orthodontic braces and those with gum recessions, for getting into the nooks and crannies.

Sealants (these are not provided by Millennium Dental Associates)
These are clear, resinous substances placed on teeth, usually for children, to seal over the deep crevices so that bacteria have a less likely chance of causing tooth decay from within the grooves. It will not help prevent decay from attacking the adjoining  surfaces of adjoining teeth as only flossing helps prevent this type of decay.

Millennium Dental Associates feels that the resins give only the smallest questionable benefit to the teeth. There have been far too many instances where decay had infiltrated the tooth beneath the sealant and caused unseen major damage to the tooth. Also, sealants contain BPA’s and we prefer not to expose children to any additional estrogen-mimetic substances.


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