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ALF Appliance

Advanced Light Force Appliance

Treating Mild Sleep Issues and TMJ Pain

Do you have mild problems with getting high-quality sleep? Do you show slight signs and symptoms that you might be in the early stages of developing a TMJ disorder? Perhaps you simply want to ensure that these issues don’t grow into a bigger problem. If so, ALF (Advanced Light Force) appliances may be the perfect option for you. These devices gently stimulate the teeth, jaws and facial bones to change and develop for optimal health throughout your entire body. This allows for better breathing, improved posture, deeper sleep, a reduction in teeth crowding and little to no TMJ pain.

Developed by Dr. Darick Nordstrom, ALF appliances incorporate osteopathic and dentist principles to guide the dental arches as well as tongue function into a more harmonious balance using extremely light forces. This, in turn, stimulates the bone to move and change into a more homeostatic or balanced state of being.  

Children respond very quickly to these devices and may be out of active treatment in 8 months or so. Adults take longer as the bone is more stable, yet the potential remains for stimulating development and nudging the bone structure into proper alignment.

The ALF appliances are comfortable, not readily visible when worn and don’t usually affect speech. These appliances also don’t collect much food and are easy to clean.

Take measures to ensure a small problem doesn’t turn into a big one. Call us today to learn more and find out how an AFL device could improve your health.

Note: ALF devices are not specifically indicated for advanced TMJ disorders or sleep apnea. If you are experiencing symptoms of sleep apnea or a TMJ disorder, click here  to learn how a  Daytime-Nighttime Appliance (DNA) or other orthopedic device could change your life for the better!


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